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About Full Speed Athletics

Find your health and fitness path.

At Full Speed Athletics I believe everybody's path is different. 

The approach I take will eliminate all the guess work out of living a healthy lifestyle. Bringing quality exercise, nutrition information and accountability directly to you makes it practical and attainable. 

It does not matter if you are a young athlete or an aging adult, I will help find the best way forward for you. 

Client Testimonials

I was immensely impressed by Andrew's online fitness classes offered through the Safe at Home Manitoba program between early January and late March in 2021. 

Every class started punctually, was well-organized and was presented in a manner that was both inspiring and thoroughly professional. Andrew's expertise showed through in the progressive design of his classes, his ability to provide three separate difficulty levels for every exercise and his helpful, succinct cuing. Somehow Andrew managed to rise far above the incredible challenge teaching a group class to a camera presents; his warm manner and encouraging coaching were easily experienced by participants despite the classes being online.

Not only was I personally motivated by Andrew to attend as many of his noon classes as possible (I missed a few due to work conflicts), but I experienced measurable improvements in my lower body and core strength, balance and gait speed. As a woman approaching my 6th decade, these gains are particularly important in helping me stay vital and healthy.

Thank you Andrew, and thank you to the Manitoba Government for funding this program.

Janice F.

What services do I offer?

Barbell Weights
Gym Tools

On-field training

Speed and conditioning

Strength and conditioning programs

Planned periodization

Nutrition coaching

Lifestyle enhancement

Private training

Individual attention

Yoga Mats

Mobility classes

Increase flexibility and mobility (virtual)

Get Fit From Home

30 minute H.I.I.T classes (virtual)

Football off-season training

Get ready for your best season