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3 Month membership

3 Month membership

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Convenience is everything these days and saving time on being healthy and fit is in demand. Let Full Speed Athletics help you make your health goals achievable without added stress. This membership allows access to the full online class schedule run by FSA along with many other benefits to help you get on the path towards reaching your fitness goals! Join in from home, from the office or even at the cabin, all you need is the internet.


This saves you 5% on the membership when paying up front!

  • What is included?

    The Full Speed Athletics membership includes:

    • Introductory assessment: goal setting, nutrition guideance and mobility profile.
    • Weekly accountability emails.
    • Access to the entire FSA online schedule(Mobility classes and Get Fit From Home classes).
    • Cloud recorded workouts and mobility classes to complete on your own time.
    • Personalized fitness programming for at home or in the gym.
    • Complimentary Full Speed Athletics workout shirt
    • Weekly wellness digest Provided By Venova Wellness.
  • Referral program

    Refer a friend or family member to receive discounts on your membership when they sign up!

  • Per household basis

    This membership is on a per household basis.  With 1 easy membership everyone in your house has access to the entrie class schedule, cloud recordings and individualized programming!

    *Only 1 complimentary workout shirt per membership

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